i wrote two poems
one is in french
je connais le remède au deuil
toucher une pierre brillante
j’ai eu quelques amours
consignés dans un agenda du sommeil

and the other one is in english
i have issues with finding the mini lime notebook in which someone wrote basic italian lessons
after a bath the other night i touched mini samples of rock and mini samples of wood of different colours
once someone got mad at me for saying fishes instead of fish
i was thinking of the general appearance of rosary beads
in my sleep i am mostly writing about things which seem real but are not for example: a red painting

i draw a little book on paint when i was at work before leaving for sweden. seven drawings. i’m not sure whether i want to print it out and send them to some people… i feel so sad… …..

i’m depressed….


i wrote a poem for this
the password is Rose

my sister and i are working on a little book. she says the cat is me and the dog is her (inspired by ”the red dog”, a book i had when i was a child) and the dog is sad because the cat is on the other side of the thames lol. the chinese means ”i miss my sister”

my sister and i are working on a little book. she says the cat is me and the dog is her (inspired by ”the red dog”, a book i had when i was a child) and the dog is sad because the cat is on the other side of the thames lol. the chinese means ”i miss my sister”

my baby brother wrote me a poem 😛

my baby brother wrote me a poem 😛

visualtraining said: hi lina! what are some of your favorite films?

i am scared to answer this because you’re too cool… i think my answer is boring maybe… i have always liked vive l’amour by tsai ming liang. also a brighter summer day by edward yang… more recently i’ve seen a documentary about lithuanian calendar festivities by an unknown director and it was very good (i have a link if you want but no subtitles) these days i want to look into cambodian cinema from before the khmer rouges. i regret not having updated my mubi in months so you could know more about my taste in film :-s

at work

at work today i’ve been asked whether or not we could publish an image of tombstones in a book about ships. also i’ve sent an email starting with ”dear minoru,”.
i extracted two little rocks from my shoe soles and threw them in the paper bin together with two teabags. i had a pencil in my hair.
the payment system for the company i work for is called ”SUN” and it will be shut down in a few days and replaced by ”MOON”. it is funny because you would expect them to change the name accordingly to some sort of upgrading (ie leopard -> lion) but maybe i am not very open-minded not valuing the moon enough. in animal crossing yesterday, portia the black and white doggie said all she could think of was my moon face and galen said on imessage my light is more moon than sun. (they didn’t know about the payment system)
i had very vivid dreams last night which epitome was reached when i read this girl’s post about gold in andorra. she was saying there were giant gold statues of snakes somewhere in andorra and then i saw them being eaten by real giant black snakes (a theme in my dreams lately)
the act of eating shook the earth and in this film a couple and their child had to flee a sort of pyramid. they were previously having intercourse, each somehow lying on a board and the sexual movement was created by slaves moving the boards back and forth
i was very stunned by the existence of such big animals but then i remembered a conversation i had with ollie, galen and donatas the other night about cryptozoology*. lola the cat woke me up walking on me with her little legs. it was already 7:08.
*i also remembered the big cat in this short film by agnes varda. in britain, there is apparently a ”legit urban legend” about wild/big cats roaming around freely. i am scared. i don’t want to be killed because i like my job too much

at night my friends like to ask odysseus’ cards
they spill rosato wine when the eight of diamond says there is a possibility of blooming
the dvd player starts counting the numbers
today i’m hesitating between dance and language - and water
a ritual can answer my questions:
burning gingerbread in the garden and playing the song which title is ‘ocean black music stars’
when the girl at the window reaches a state of hypnosis, i know my hair is not a cat’s legs

serriform said: Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers.

this is so nice of you!!!! i’ve never done one of these
1 i’m vegetarian, it’s been a month
2 my last names mean “cold time” together
3 i drink almost only pineapple juice (sometimes water sometimes coke sometimes sake)
4 i haven’t read a entire book in months
5 i keep doing things in my sleep (verging on somnambulism)

lol i just saw it was supposed to be nice things i am an idiot hahahah ^_^