”i love you too to death”
cute:-) like you know it all is the best hong sang soo film maybe? but i have to rewatch the others again because maybe i wasn’t too attentive sometimes


i’m not happy:
1/ i have not much people to talk to
2/ my old friend would rather talk to my boyfriend than to me
3/ everyone would rather talk to galen than to me when they find out about him
4/ i’m going to ask galen to build me a robot which would be my friend


galen gave me a tiny flower and we found about 10 snails today!! °°°****nice::::day****°°°

magical petit chat blanc

magical petit chat blanc

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? 🌟i watched rainclouds over wushan and loved it . it is the inspiration for this!!

i made another song🎤

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A song by Lina and I - ‘Water Computer’.

🐣cringe my voice sometimes🐶